Goober logo design banner by bevz designs


Logo Design / Branding

Goober is an up and coming variety Twitch streamer who broadcasts games like Overwatch & Fortnite, as well as other genres such as Minecraft. This elegant design is very creative and sleek with an emphasis on minimalism. The goal was to create an icon that suggests a pair of glasses which is fun,

but professional. The wordmark is an exclusive typeface, made to fit the curvature of the icon to keep branding consistent. The wordmark is slightly thinner to give contrast. The brand constant would be the rings. You’ll find them all a(round) the place!

Goober brand identity ring by bevz designs
Goober logo design by bevz designs


Goober brand identity colours by bevz designs


Hex: #27262c

RGB: 39 38 44

CMYK: 74 69 59 66


Hex: #ededf7

RGB: 237 237 247

CMYK: 5 5 0 0


Hex: #7dd7a1

RGB: 125 215 161

CMYK: 49 0 49 0

Colour is the most underrated aspect of branding. It's what gives your brand personality,

creates a memorable first impression, and tells potential customers about your values.

Colour psychology is used to create an experience that will resonate with you and your audience. In this instance, I was asked for colour branding that would instil the thoughts and feelings of success and growth, and what better colour is there than a soft pastel green to achieve that?