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Logo Design / Branding

The wedding industry is a $58 billion industry. But the average cost of a wedding is $30,000 in the US. That's a lot of money. MadLove offers the best of both worlds by helping you save money and make your wedding more personal. You'll get to work with people who are in love just like you, and they'll go out of their way to make sure your special day is perfect.


For them to compete in a highly competitive industry, they needed to give a good first impression on all fronts, from social media, to their website and even in day to day life. The first port of call? Great branding that helps them stand out from the crowd and tells people what they’re about!

MadLove, LLC. Logo Design and pattern
MadLove, LLC. Brand Style Guide

Company Pattern

You're a business in love, and you want to show it. You want to show the world that you live to work with people who are in love, but you don't know how. Well, we've got the solution here! Good branding also includes extras such as company patterns, rather than a standalone logo design. in MadLove's case, they opted for a premium pattern made up from the "M" section of their icon, to create a royally stunning flower-like design. And what's better than receiving flowers when you're in love?

MadLove, LLC. company pattern

Business Cards

MadLoves new business card design has a sleek, professional and modern look, sure to leave a good, lasting impression with any potential customers. With all of the necessary information, it’s easy for people to get in contact, show what services they offer and to follow their journey of growth through their social medias.

MadLove, LLC. Business Card Mockup